Where the Map Ends

The Home of Christian Speculative Fiction

Congratulations. You have reached the edge of what is known. Beyond this point, the map cannot help you.

You should be proud: almost no one makes it this far. Now, take my advice and turn around. If you keep traveling the way you're going, only God knows what you'll find.

But if you are determined to brave the blankness on your map, if discovering what lies beyond the fringe does not terrorize you, then go. And...I will come with you. For I, too, feel the call of this void.

Summon your courage, dear friend. Tighten your pack and gain a fix on that star right there. Come, let us explore what no one has seen. Let us find what lies in that realm where the map ends.

What Lies Beyond?

Do you love science fiction or fantasy? Does your mind soar with the new world an author or artist can take you to? Do stories of time travel or supernatural wonder or alternate history thrill you like no other story can?

And are you a Christian who longs for speculative fiction that amazes without offending? Do you search for alternate worlds without "alternate lifestyles"? Do you know in your heart that Christian speculative fiction ought to be the most bold, the most imaginative, that sons and daughters of the Creator ought to outshine any merely secular writer?

Do you see non-Christian writers beginning to steal our territory, writing about spiritual paladins and Gothic demon-slayers, and you wish there was a way to secure that ground for Christ?

Do you crave a place where you can come hang out with others who love and want the same things you do? A place where you can see what's being done in Christian speculative fiction, explore fantastic worlds, learn about writing and publishing this kind of novel, and come together to dream of what lies beyond the worlds we know?

Then, dear traveler, you have come to the right place.

What You Will Find at Where the Map Ends

Your Journey Begins Now

Someone is waiting for you just beyond that first ridge. Yes, that's right, he's already explored that far himself. Don't worry; it's safe. Usually. Join him there and he will make sure your journey begins in the right direction. I will come, too.

But have no illusions, friend: there are dangers here. If it were tamed land, this would not be the place your heart is insisting you find. But in this land you will not be utterly forsaken.

Journey now to what lies beyond where the map ends.